V10 HVLS Fan by Vortikül

Feel the Power of 10 Blades

V10 is the only 10-blade HVLS fan in production. Our experienced engineers have confirmed and customers agree that more airfoils produce more power for better results. At Vortikül, we do not skimp when it comes to your comfort and safety. See and share our “More Blades make a Powerful Difference” campaign, and contact us here to learn more about why Vortikül customers prefer the V10.

HVLS Fans - the V10 by Vortikül

Built to Last.
From aerodynamically engineered aircraft grade aluminum airfoils to Bonfiglioli motors and gearboxs, the V10 is built to be enjoyed for years to come. We use the highest quality parts, to also include Delta brand VFDs, to ensure that our customers fans, your fans, work when needed. Contact us here to learn more about Vortikül’s mission to deliver the highest quality. 

Year Round Use.
Single use products can be a necessary evil, but not with the V10 HVLS fan. HVLS fans provide cooling comfort during the summer heat, and helps provide warmth in the winter, while greatly reducing overall heating costs. Thanks again to its high quality, the V10 is ideal for year round use. Contact us here to learn more about how this (heat destratification) works. For commercial grade HVLS fans, check out our AirCanopyFor more reasons to install V10 HVLS fans click here.and share

More Than Comfort.
Vortikül’s V10 helps you save by ensuring your staff, customers and animals are cool or warm, safe, productive and happy. The V10 can do all of these things and more*, anywhere it can be mounted. Applications include but are not limited to: Warehouses, Factories, Maintenance Garages, Aircraft Hangars, Stadiums, Amusement Parks, Hotels, Malls, Restaurants, Indoor Swimming Pools, and yes, its industrial elegance makes it well suited in Homes as well.

Bonfiglioli (European) Motor and Gearbox
Delta (USA) VFD
– Aircraft Grade Aluminum Airfoils
– Heavy-Duty Hub

– Lifetime Warranty on Hub and Airfoils
– 3 Year Warranty on Other Components

Bonfiglioli Motor

* With Vortikül businesses can greatly improve their operational efficiency and growth through reduced costs with increased productivity and safety. Cost Savings include:
– Vortikül’s upfront competitive pricing
– Vortikül’s long service life from high quality parts and build
– Up to 50% reduced Heating costs (ask us about heat destratification)
– Up to 100% reduced air conditioning costs (i.e. you may not need it)
– Goldilocks Effect: Reduced labor mistakes from workers not being too cold or too hot, but keeping them feeling just right
– Elimination of heat related safety violation penalties and costs of heat related injuries
– Quicker drying time of products
– Reduced product loss due to corrosion from condensation