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Külera Industrial Drum Fan by Vortikül

Külera (pronounced /ko͞ol.ĕr’ə/, searchable as Kulera) by Vortikül, is a heav-duty, high velocity, industrial drum fan that keeps people and animals cool and safe up to 100 feet away. 

Its compact size, not lacking in power, together with its various mounting options, allows Külera to give the greatest flexibility to meet the air flow and ventilation needs of many different industrial, commercial, and even residential applications. As a directional fan with multiple mounting options, it is especially ideal for areas where HVLS fan like the V10 cannot go like dock door areas and facilities with over head cranes or other ceiling and floor obstructions.

Külera’s optional occupancy and temperature sensors deliver energy savings by running only when need, making it one smart industrial drum fan. An oscillator is also an option to increase coverage area to cool even more people and/or animals.

The Külera is currently available in 16″ and 20″ with a blue or black finish standard. For sizes above 20″ or custom finishes, contact us here.


• Heavy-duty 6-Speed Motor

• High Grade Aluminum Fan Blade

• Adjustable Tilt

• Floor/ Wall/ Ceiling Mount Optionsɛrə

Kulera Floor Mount Industrial Drum Fan
kulera wall mount industrial drum fan
Külera Industrial Drum Fan by Vortikül

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