eclipse electronic glass tinting system

Don’t Be Left In the Dark

eclipse smart shades

Instantly Transition Glass from Transparent to Opaque

Gain Privacy and Cooler Rooms While Maintaining Natural Lighting

For centuries, blinds and curtains have provided privacy, security, and a means to reduce radiant heat. Selecting, installing, and maintaining blinds and curtains can be more than a hassle, but they also can obscure part of the view when open and certainly block so much natural light that heat producing indoor lighting becomes necessary when closed. 

Eclipse is a US-concept electronic controlled glass tinting system that allows you to transition any glass door or window from a transparent state to an opaque (frosted) reflective surface at the touch of a button. Gain privacy, security, and reduce radiant heat all while still allowing more natural light than traditional blinds and curtains. Whether on or off Eclipse always blocks up to 99% of UV rays. Possibility to connect to Internet of Things (IoT) control system as a key part of your climate control, automatically changing the windows to opaque state to reduce radiant heat during times of direct sunlight.

Combine Eclipse with Treiben or any of Vortikul’s other high quality fan products for additional cost savings through greatly reducing air conditioning usage.

How You Can Control Your Glass

Eclipse is an easily installed self adhesive film that can be cut or joined to size and comes in the additional below color options to suit your design needs. Contact us here today to take control, gaining the flexibility to enjoy the view or shut out the world without being in the dark.

eclipse tint color options