AirCanopy Pole & Ceiling Mounted HVLS Fan

The Vortikül AirCanopy™ is a direct drive HVLS fan that can be pole mounted or ceiling mounted for use almost everywhere. With its quiet DC motor, the AirCanopy is the ideal HVLS fan for residential and commercial use.

Vortikül looks to ensure that your staff, customers and animals cool or warm, safe, productive and happy. The AirCanopy™ direct drive HVLS fan can do all of these things and more, anywhere that it can be mounted, which is almost everywhere.

Like the V10the AirCanopy provides a natural like cooling breeze when it is hot, and warmth for when it is cold, while greatly reducing the costs of heating and cooling. 

Lights and/or a heating element can be added to the pole mount version, bringing light and warmth to outdoor locations. For even more versatility add 360° seating around the pole mounted AirCanopy™.

The AirCanopy™ is available in 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 20′, and 24′ diameters. Vortikül’s expert applications engineers can provide the perfect size based on the project specifications. The AirCanopy™ is dual voltage/dual hertz for easy use across the globe.

Applications include but are not limited to: Indoor/Outdoor Malls, Amusement Parks, Nature Parks, Zoos, Stadiums, Outdoor Swimming Pools, Hotels, Restaurants, Train Stations, Airport Terminals

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