About Vortikül

US based Vortikül (prounounced /ˈvor.tɪ.ko͞ol/, searchable as Vortikul) was started by a team with many years of experience in the High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan industry. This experience includes knowing that the heating and cooling products Vortikül manufactures go well beyond simple thermal comfort, as these products increase safety, productivity, and make people happy at work and at home. Vortikül products helps businesses improve their operational efficiency and growth through increased productivity and safety. At home, Vortikül products make people more comfortable with enhanced interior decor, increased privacy, thermal safety, reduced energy costs, and of course the pleasures of calm, natural like breezes.

Under the Vortikül brand, we manufacture the highest quality US designed industrial fans with European brand key parts for global customers that need durable, energy efficient, and low maintenance cooling and heating solutions. Additionally, Vortikül manufactures modern residential and commercial ceiling fans under the Treiben brand, and the Eclipse smart glass system.

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