Save more with Vortikül.
Cut costs while increasing productivity, safety, and comfort.* 

Whether its overhead HVLS fans (like our V10 or AirCanopy), ceiling fans, directional fans (like our Külera), or electronically controlled glass tinting shades (like our eClipse), Vortikül has more than your thermal comfort covered. Get the long lasting quality of Vortikül’s highly engineered, design driven, hand-crafted machines.


Whatever your application our engineering sales team is standing by to provide product and layout recommendations or quotations. Click the below button now to get what you need to keep your facilities safe, comfortable and productive places to work, play or rest.

* With Vortikul HVLS and other fans, businesses can greatly improve their operational efficiency and growth through reduced costs with increased productivity and safety. Cost Savings include:
– Vortikul’s upfront competitive pricing
– Vortikul’s long service life from high quality parts and build
– Up to 50% reduced Heating costs (ask us about heat destratification)
– Up to 100% reduced air conditioning costs (i.e. you may not need it)
– Goldilocks Effect: Reduced labor mistakes from workers not being too cold or too hot, but keeping them feeling just right
– Elimination of heat related safety violation penalties and costs of heat related injuries
– Quicker drying time of products
– Reduced product loss due to corrosion from condensation
– Receipt of rebates and incentives for achieving energy efficiency, sustainability standards and credentials like