Interior Design Service: Virtual Ceiling Fan Layout

Interior Design - Family Room - Black Treiben Ceiling Fan

A picture is worth a thousand words indeed. This is especially true when it comes to interior design, as most people need to be able to visualize what something will look like before they make a decision. This is why online design services Modsy, “Interior Design You Don’t Have to Imagine,” are so popular.

With this and realizing that our products are More Than Comfort, which certainly includes aesthetic appeal, we offer free virtual design service that places our ceiling fans, like our popular Treiben, in any room of which you provide us a photo, to give you that before and after shot well before any installation takes place.

Simply send your photos to and let us know what fan product you would like to visualize in your room with any other instructions.


Winter Fans: What is Destratification & How do HVLS Fans Save Heating?

heat rises

Scientific Fact: Heat Rises

We should have all learned from our parents or teachers that heat rises. This is why Hot Air Balloons majestically lift and romantically traverse the sky. Unfortunately it is also why you are paying more for your heat than you need to. As the heat rises to the ceiling, you may likely still be cold down below, pushing you to raise the thermostat even higher at even greater costs.The taller the ceiling the worse it is. So unless you call yourself Michelangelo and paint ceilings for a living, you are in need of a solution to be more comfortable in the winter while spending less on heat. Lucky for you, Vortikül has the answer fo you: V10 or AirCanopy HVLS Ceiling Fans.

hvls fans destratification

What Goes Up Can Come Down...

…with a little help that is. Adding HVLS fans,  like the V10 or AirCanopy allows you to destratify the air meaning mix the air so that the warm air is sent back to where you are so you feel its comfort. How? The HVLS fan speed can be easily set to move slow enough that there is no cooling breezer; it simply moves the warm air down to where it belongs, where you want it. This in turn allows you to turn the thermostat down and use heat for less time, yielding great savings up to 30 to even 50%. Case in point, one indoor water park with three story feet tall ceilings installed three HVLS fans and saved $100,00 in heating costs in just one month, for an almost instantaneous return on investment.

What About At Home?

Can’t fit an HVLS fan in your bedroom? No worries. Vortikül’s residential ceiling fan, the Treiben does the same thing. Unlike standard ceiling fans, however, no need to try to figure out how to set it in reverse. The Treiben’s lowest speed is slow enough to destratify the air in the room to keep you toasty warm in the winter while always moving forward.

Contact us here to get the HVLS fan or Treiben ceiling fan that you want to keep you warm and save you money this winter.

Top Reasons to Install HVLS Fans

Below are some of the top reasons to install HVLS fans that we have observed from our many years in the business. Why a cliched top ten? Probably to again highlight that Vortikül is the only HVLS manufacturer that still produces 10 airfoil HVLS fans (See our V10), because we do not skimp.

What are HVLS Fans?
Before we get to the list, some of you may not know what HVLS is. HVLS is the abbreviation for High-Volume Low Speed. What does that mean? Simply put, HVLS fans move a lot of air at much lower speeds than typical fans, and do so due to the size of their size usually from 8′ up to 24′ in diameter. This gives HVLS fans a large coverage area of cooling or heating power with using very little electric power. HVLS fans are very energy efficient, drawing less power than a hair dryer. So, bring on the heating and cooling savings.

1. No Airconditioning

Many places around the world do not have air conditioning, and need some way of keeping people and animals cool, safe and productive. Some people feel air conditioning is too harsh, too cold and dry. Others do not get air conditioning because from installation to use to maintenance, it can be very cost prohibitive. A growing number can’t stomach the environmental impact of the high energy consumption and the coolants used. Many can’t justify air conditioning for a short hot season for all the reasons above. All of these people turn to HVLS Fans, like the V10, because of the low costs to install, use, and maintain while also being an energy efficient, eco-friendly alternative to Air Conditioning that provides an enjoyable natural breeze.

2. More Efficient Heating

As noted above, many can’t justify air conditioning because of a short hot season. The good thing about HVLS fans is that they can be used all year round, even in the winter. In fact, the biggest savings from HVLS fans comes from reducing the cost to heat buildings by a process known as destratification. We all remember from science class that warm air rises, right? So, all that expensive warm air moves up and gets trapped at the ceiling. HVLS fans can be set to rotate very slowly, moving the warm air back down from the ceiling to where all the people or animals are on the ground. This way a lot less heat needs to be pumped out to keep everyone warm. One indoor waterpark saved $1,000,00 a year by using just three HVLS fans. What a great return on investment that was!

3. Floorspace Constraints

Square footage comes at a premium for any business anywhere. As such, most do not want to get anymore space than what is needed to get the job done. Floor fans, of course, take up valuable floorspace. HVLS fans, however, mounted to the ceiling are up and out of the way, freeing up space needed for other things. The added benefit is additional safety, as there are no power cords to trip over.

4. Supersized Dryer

Back to science lessons, we all have observed that elevated air speeds help in the drying process. Many industries have drying stages in their production. HVLS fans move the most air, providing the elevated air speeds that increase the speed of evaporation, thus reducing the overall production time and saving the business money. This also means HVLS fans help mitigate condensation that causes metal to rust and facilitates the growth of mold and mildew, all of which can be very costly to many businesses. Of course, non HVLS fans, like the Külera do all of these things too, just with a smaller coverage area. 

5. More Productive Livestock

Like humans, animals are greatly impacted by the temperature. Cows that are too hot eat less, which means they produce less milk Chickens produce less eggs. Many farmers have turned to HVLS fans to deliver natural like breezes that keep their livestock happy and productive.

6. Keep Produce Fresher

From farmers all the way to the grocery stores, the food industry needs to make sure that as much fruits and vegetables stay fresh for the end customers. HVLS fans reduce the temperatures and humidity levels to keep produce fresher longer, meaning more savings from less waste. We all know from our parents that is not good to waste food.

7. Healthier Air

HVLS fans help ensure proper building ventilation to ensure that everyone is breathing fresher, healthier air. That is especially important for industries that have a wide variety of contaminants in the air. Many natatoriums, aka indoor swimming pools, well utilize HVLS fans to ensure swimmers breathe better air. Chlorine gas will hover just above the waterline, meaning swimmers will be getting unhealthy doses without HVLS fans to help clear the air.

8. The Great Outdoors

We all enjoy the great outdoors, and many businesses from restaurants to amusement parks want to make sure that we do, as excessive heat means less business. Outdoor cooling options are certainly a lot fewer. However, thanks to pole mountable HVLS fans, like the AirCanopy, provides natural cooling breezes even to outdoor areas where the sky is the ceiling.

9. Competitive Advantage

Whether restaurants or warehouses, business owners are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. HVLS fans can be a very visible point of differentiator, where customers can see and feel that their comfort is taken care of. 

10. HVLS Fans Look Cool

Architects, designers, and building owners love the industrial chic style of V10 model HVLS fans, or the more modern commercial vibe of the AirCanopy. Ceilings are often a blank unused canvas. However, people are looking to HVLS fans to add to the overall interior decor as much as the Treiben does for residential and commercial spaces. No need for hidden ceiling fan blades, when you have big, bold aircraft grade aluminum airfoils, count them there are 10 with the V10, thus the name!

What do you think the top reasons to install HVLS fans are? Comment below on why you have installed or would like to install HVLS fans. Contact us here to learn more or to purchase HVLS fans to start getting the above desired benefits.